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Kamis, 27 Agustus 2009

KAMASUTRA is an ancient book, about India's people who live in that age. The book explained about the daily india's people from their general life until their sex life.
Kamasutra is a text written by Vatsyayana in the 3rd century, who absorbed the traditions in India at that time. According to Anand Krishna, in his book 'Way of Perfection Through Kamasutra: Pleasure Sex, Love and Consciousness Coolness Love', the technique is actually making love not just talking about sex, but also psychology, sociology and teaching life.In the Kamasutra, the portion discussing quite a lot of sexual activity. Among these techniques include sex, generate passion, kisses and hugs. That is why, Kamasutra erotic literature known as the most comprehensive of the East. It also describes the sex is not as physical activity, but also involves elements of love, emotion, desire, pleasure, and intimacy.

In principle, this love of science view sexual activity as an art.

The writer of KAMASUTRA is a religious person, his name is Vatsyayana, and his job is not to learn the sex, but God. The essence of life is the study of God. However, he believed that aspects of life different, including spirituality, materialism, and sexuality, must be balanced. And he felt that the third aspect is discussed with the bad in the books there .. so, she intends to make the correct writing it.
Essay he wrote became famous around the world as the greatest book about sex. packed books like The Joy of Sex has been known for decades, Vatsyayana book has been around for more than a half millennia. This book became one of the jugs of the most banned books ever written and the most famous. People have been worried about for over a millennium: until recently, the book has never been found in most libraries, and even not include for free, however, the book has been known for centuries, far longer than almost all non-book -any religion. Now, the book has been widely known throughout the world in various languages.

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